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Breakthrough Bleeding

Breakthrough Bleeding is a condition that is described as abnormal bleeding that occurs between menstrual cycles for women. There are many causes of breakthrough bleeding the most common ones being an excessively thick endometrium lining. Other causes of bleeding may include; hormonal effects of ovulation, the use of hormonal contraceptives, sexually transmitted disease, anemia, ovarian […]

Menopause and Birth Control

Q:I am rapidly approaching my 50th birthday and thinking about menopause. But I am taking birth control pills. My understanding is that as long as I take the pills, I will keep having a period. How will I know if I have reached menopause and no longer need a birth control method, if I keep […]

Implantation bleeding Pregnancy

Implantation bleeding is also referred to as cervical or abdominal period. Pain medications can impart a deep-rooted ill-effect of exercise and will help if the partner accepted indications procedure you are getting exhausted during pregnancy and you think you are pregnant over 40 years of age. Instead try all-natural beef or chicken. Seafood is even […]

Olympic-Inspired Bodyweight Workout

While it’s still pretty cold outside, hopefully the rain will stay away so we can enjoy the weekend. The Opening Ceremonies: Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies? I thought they were pretty cool! My favorite part was definitely when they had the ships projected on the floor as the “sailors” walked on them. Watching the […]

First Nap Fitness

My little man is unpredictable in many ways, but there’s one thing I can always count on – his first nap. Since he was only a few months old, Henry has gone down for a nap almost exactly 2 hours after waking and it is always his longest of the day. Anything after that is […]

Nutrition on Pregnancy After 50

What a person eats and how the body uses it. For men and women trying to conceive, a healthy diet is particularly important because healthy babies start before conception. Eating a well-balanced diet is essential. But, what is the best diet?  Unfortunately, that is not known.  We are bombarded daily with controversial, sometimes contradictory, nutritional […]

Being over 40 is not what it used to be!

Many women and men are becoming parents for the first time at age 40, 45, 50 or older AND even more in their “Golden Decade” are adding to their families. Many couples are opting for adoption, using traditional or gestational surrogacy, using advanced reproductive therapies (ART) like IVF or ICSI, donor egg or donor sperm, […]