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First Nap Fitness

My little man is unpredictable in many ways, but there’s one thing I can always count on – his first nap. Since he was only a few months old, Henry has gone down for a nap almost exactly 2 hours after waking and it is always his longest of the day. Anything after that is more of a guess so I quickly realized that my best opportunity to be productive is during that time. Therefore, First Nap (as we so lovingly and simply refer to it now) became my time to workout.

First Nap Fitness posts will document some of my daily workouts in our garage gym. Hopefully it might spark an idea for you to incorporate into your own workouts and maybe it will counter my “mommy brain” so I have an easier time remembering what I’ve done so far this week! I will try to post links of the exercises when available.

January 29, 2016:


10 reps/exercise; 5 Rounds:

Single-Leg RDL – Right

Single-Leg RDL – Left

Inverted Row

Weighted Glute Bridge on Bench

Barbell Pullover

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

Stabilty Ball V-Pass (pass ball from feet to hands perpendicular to body on floor)

Prone Lying Back Extension – Left/Right/Center (extend torso up and reach back towards one direction for full reps, repeat on other side; then finish with extension straight back)