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Get Rid of Chin Fat – The Basics

To get rid of chin fat, the infamous double chin, you first need to know that it’s not just about fat.  The shape of your chin and really all of your face and body too is also about the tone of the muscles underneath and the condition of the skin on top.  Yep all Three!

  • Skin
  • Fat
  • Muscle tone

Even if you go on a strict diet and get rid of body fat you may still not remove face fat.  Well actually you will lose fat on your face and neck as you lose fat overall the problem is that it often doesn’t look like you do.  That’s because the muscles and skin are still kind of saggy.

The same is really true of your body.  You can lose all kinds of weight but won’t have a six pack if the muscles underneath aren’t in good condition.

That’s why you see someone who loses a lot of weight that looks good in clothes but in a swimsuit still looks kind of flabby and wrinkled.  The skin and muscles haven’t improved.  What’s over and under the fat matters too.  If the skin isn’t firm and the muscles aren’t toned the overall appearance is still basically fat.

On the other hand your muscles can be totally fit and toned but if a big old layer of fat is covering them up it’s still no good.

Finally, if the muscles are tight and toned and you have next to no fat present but the skin is saggy the overall appearance will still be flabby and out of shape.

So what can you do about it.  On the surface it seems like you had one problem and now you have three.  Actually it’s good news because now that you know the real issues you can address them.

It’s not really all that hard.  It just takes some changes in nutrition, exercise (in this case double chin exercises), and a little bit in the way of facial products that you can buy and in some cases even make yourself.

Also some pretty obvious lifestyle choices like getting good sleep and keeping your stress low helps too.  In general the same things that improve your overall health help your chin and the rest of you face look much better too.

You just need good information and to make a few changes to get rid of chin fat.  In future posts I will provide the details on what you can do.