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Installing A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is capable of changing the temperature of your household or workplace automatically once set, so that you can get on with your daily activities without having to worry about temperature variations in the building. There are many varieties of programmable thermostats that you can select from; some controlling air heat only and some also air conditioning. Others can be programmed in one go. When you are purchasing a new thermostat you must go for a well-renowned brand. You must also tally the number of air-conditioning and heating units and make sure that the new thermostat is compatible.

Installing a programmable thermostat is quite easy. All you will need are a screwdriver, drill and a few minutes to spare. You can start installing a programmable thermostat, by removing the cover to expose the internal parts. You will see a few screws holding wires that run to the furnace. If it is a thermostat that controls only heat and not air conditioning, you will see only two wires. More convenient thermostats in the market today have their wires colored and labeled for the ease of installation. Usually the required screws and plastic anchors are included in the pack. You will have to probably drill a few holes on the wall in installing a programmable thermostat. The thin and low voltage wires on thermostat are easy and safe to install whereas other complex devices may need an electrician to put them together.

The steps of installing a programmable thermostat are given in brief below.

1. Turning the power off at the circuit breaker, fuse box, plus the furnace cut-off switch.

2. Unscrewing all the wires (if they aren’t labeled, you must color-code them before installing a programmable thermostat)

3. You must then remove the screws that hold the body of the thermostat to the wall. In this case, some wires may tend to slide out of place, so you must tape them in place.

4. Next you must map the holes that hold the thermostat and drill them.

5. After placing the anchors on the wall you can screw the thermostats in place.

6. Finally you can screw the wire terminals in place and replace the cover.

Most brands of thermostats come with a very clear and easy-to-follow guide that will undoubtedly make installing a programmable thermostat so much easier. Also, you must follow the safety precautions very carefully.