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Keep Trim During The Holidays With Seaweed Body Wraps

The holidays are quickly approaching and keeping your body lean to ensure you fit in your festive attire, maybe a challenge for some of us. One way to help keep you wearing your hot dress comfortably is with a seaweed body wrap. Seaweed body wraps reduce inches by shrinking fat cells in addition to tightening and toning the skin making you appear leaner. Seaweed wraps are ideal for this time of the year to help us look lean while we celebrate.

A seaweed wrap has been used for years to help get rid of toxins and loose a few inches at the same time. Seaweed wraps are offered at the best spas and salons, are available through home body wrap kits and there are also natural recipes that can be used at home. Whatever route you take to get a seaweed wrap, you will be pleased with the results.

Why seaweed? Seaweed absorbs all of the wonderful trace elements, vitamins, and minerals that are richly contained in the ocean through osmosis.

Most seaweed body wraps are made up of brown algae such as bladder-wrack or kelp. These brown algae are readily available and abundant. There is no fear of shortage here.

Seaweed wraps are very relaxing in addition to have a healing effect on the body. One simple wrap can stimulate your circulation and increase blood flow. It also can increase your metabolism, providing you with more energy and helping you to lose weight more easily.

However, the main reason why you will benefit from a seaweed wrap during the holidays is that it helps your body eliminate toxins. It is a powerful but gentle detoxifying treatment for your skin and your body. This fact makes it a great help with cellulite, sagging skin, stretch marks, and loss inches.

You will also notice that it makes your skin exceptionally soft and smooth. The high vitamin C content also preserve your skin allowing it to remain youthful and supple. Stretch marks and cellulite become less noticeable as there appearance begins to fade with each wrap due to these qualities that seaweed possesses .

Helpful tips while wrapping during the holidays:

1) Drink plenty of water to assist the body to flush additional toxins and fat after wrapping.

2) On the days that you don’t attend parties or family gatherings, cut back on the fat and excessive calories by consuming mostly lean meat and having your daily food intake consist of 60% fruits and vegetables.

3) Get at least 2-3 wraps a week

4) Exercise at least 2-3 times a week to help maintain your weight.

5) One way to get a double dose of seaweed therapy is to incorporate it in your diet. A simple way to add some to your food is to sprinkle kelp or dulse flakes as seasoning during your meals. It can sometimes take the place of salt. The iodine rich sea vegetables will keep your thyroid nourished.

Not only can seaweed body wraps help keep you looking lean during the holidays, by regularly getting a wrap 2-4 times a month they can also help you look trim and youthful all year round.


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