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Olympic-Inspired Bodyweight Workout

While it’s still pretty cold outside, hopefully the rain will stay away so we can enjoy the weekend.

The Opening Ceremonies:

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies? I thought they were pretty cool! My favorite part was definitely when they had the ships projected on the floor as the “sailors” walked on them.

Watching the Olympics when we were younger was such a neat experience. Just the idea of the Games seemed so majestic. My sister and I used to love the figure skating events. We had a big rug in our living room that was circular so we would pretend it was our ice rink and perform jumps for our parents. Yeah, we were pretty cool. Don’t worry – it’s not like we used our family room as a “spring floor” to do floor routines on during the Summer Olympics, too…because that never happened.

I’ve always felt that the Winter Olympics have a bit more intrigue than Summer. I mean there’s hockey, skating, bobsledding…need I go on?

I think the sport of bobsledding has a place in the hearts of anyone who grew up watching Cool Runnings.

In the winters growing up, my siblings and I would convert a cheap sled into our very own bobsled to recreate the movie. I always played Derice – the driver. My brothers were Yul Brenner and Junior Bevil, and my sister rounded us off as the breakman, Sanka. Ohh, to go back to those days…

The Workout:

To kick off the Olympics and our Challenge this week, I’ve provided a link to an “Olympic-themed workout”. (It pains me that I didn’t think of this myself!)

Olympic Bodyweight Workout

The great thing about this workout is it is only 15 minutes and works your total body. Each exercise is performed for time, so make sure to do as many reps as possible as perfectly as possible. Use full range of motion and focus on getting depth with each exercise.

Make sure if you are participating in the Challenge that you’ve read and completed the prep steps. Even if you’re not doing the actual Challenge, a lot of these steps can be very applicable to living a healthy lifestyle!