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What is the best home remedy for poison ivy while being pregnant

What is the best home remedy for poison ivy? I am pregnant, so there is a lot I can’t take – medicine wise.

Treating Poison Ivy Exposures
If you are exposed, according to the FDA, you should quickly (within 10 minutes):
first, cleanse exposed areas with rubbing alcohol.
next, wash the exposed areas with water only (no soap yet, since soap can move the urushiol, which is the oil from the poison ivy that triggers the rash, around your body and actually make the reaction worse).

now, take a shower with soap and warm water.
lastly, put gloves on and wipe everything you had with you, including shoes, tools, and your clothes, with rubbing alcohol and water.

Unfortunately, if you wait more than 10 minutes, the urushiol will likely stay on your skin and trigger the poison ivy rash. You may not be able to stop it on your skin, but you might still scrub your nails and wipe off your shoes, etc., so that you don’t spread the urushiol to new areas.
Commercial products, like Zanfel, Ivy Cleanse Towelettes, and Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub, are also available over-the-counter, if you don’t want to use rubbing alcohol.

Remember that poison ivy isn’t contagious though, so touching the rash won’t actually spread it.

Since your kids get poison ivy a lot, having a ‘poison ivy action kit’ ready, with rubbing alcohol, a large bottle of water, and some soap, might be a good idea. Since rubbing alcohol can be poisonous, children should be supervised with it though and it is not something you should send off into the woods with them.

Preventing Poison Ivy
In addition to getting rid of poison ivy when you find it, you can avoid it by:
wearing long pants and a shirt with long sleeves, boots and gloves when your kids will be most at risk, especially when playing in wooden areas, around lakes, or going on hikes, apply Ivy-Block to exposed areas.

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