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Strep Throat Prevention

Strep throat is an irritating and contagious throat infection which is caused by the streptococcus pyogens bacteria. While this infection is not too serious or dangerous, it does cause extreme sore throat and pain. Strep throat prevention is possible by making some simple lifestyle changes. Strep throat most often tends to affect young children and adolescents. In case of adults a possible strep throat infection may not be accompanied with obvious symptoms.

The symptoms that ordinarily accompany a strep throat infection include sore throat, fever, white patches on the throat, pain on swallowing, fatigue, headache and rash and vomiting in rare cases. Following simple hygiene aspects is extremely important to ensuring strep throat prevention. This is because strep throat is a contagious infection and so close contact with an infected person can result in transmission of the infection. It is therefore important to regularly wash hands and to avoid contact with an infected individual. Strep throat also tends to affect individuals with compromised or weakened immune system. It is observed among individuals suffering from some other illnesses. Therefore it is important to maintain immunity by following a healthy diet plan. Smoking and consuming alcohol tends to weaken the immune system and these should be completely avoided.

For strep throat prevention it is important to cover the mouth while sneezing or coughing so as to ensure that the bacteria is not transmitted around. Sharing of utensils or glasses with someone suffering from this infection should also be completely avoided. This ensures that the bacteria is not transmitted. Any cuts or sores on the body should also be kept clean because streptococcus bacterial can also get into the skin and cause problems. In case a person is suffering from throat discomfort, simple measures like gargling with salt water can provide considerable relief. Treatment should also be started as soon as strep throat is diagnosed. A person suffering from strep throat should also stay home for 24 to 48 hours after treatment is started as the condition remains contagious in that period. After starting treatment the infection no longer remains contagious after the first 48 hours.