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Teavana Silver Needle White Tea

The Silver Needle tea is another Teavana rare tea.  It is one that really hasn’t been seen in the Western World until relatively recently and was traditionally reserved for the Chinese elite.  This is a somewhat bland tea and is one that personally I don’t care for all that much.  It doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor but it is said to be incredibly potent in regards to antioxidants.

My fiancée and I drink quite a few teas and it has become a huge night time ritual for us.  By drinking so many different teas we have grown a tolerance for some of the most boring of teas, but this is one that neither one of us could really get into it.  It isn’t horrible, but it doesn’t have the full flavor of most of the other Teavana teas and was rather disappointing to us. The other one is sage tea, here are its benefits for our body.

The best way to prepare this particular tea is with honey.  Both of us enjoyed it most when we had a little extra honey to give it flavor.  To give it a little extra kick you can add vanilla creamer or for those that have it around the house, almond milk with vanilla flavor.  Both give it a full flavor that it lacks on its own.  If you are going to use the vanilla flavor I would recommend using raw sugar instead of the honey however, because the honey tends to conflict a bit with the vanilla.

I think it smells like grass and weeds.  It is a very simple smelling white tea.  You can definitely tell it is a white tea but it really doesn’t smell like anything more than warm grass.  While the smell isn’t bad it really isn’t anything to brag about either.  It is rather basic.

There aren’t many teas by Teavana that I don’t like but this one is definitely bland.  It tastes like water that was soaking in grass for a couple of days.  We tried to increase the potency of it but we really couldn’t achieve anything all that worthwhile.  The more tea we added the more it tasted like grass.  You could taste a bit of sweetness to it but it wasn’t anything special.  Definitely not worth the price.

As with any white tea it can be consumed at any time.  I would say that this is probably best for someone that is looking for a mild tasting white tea purely for the health benefits.