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Teavana Snow Geisha White Tea Drink Reviews

This tea is actually a new variation of an older variety that we used to enjoy quite a bit.  Unfortunately, this one doesn’t quite work as well as the original did.  It isn’t as potent and definitely has a much stranger flavor to it.  It isn’t nearly as bold as I would have liked and definitely was a major let down overall. 

This particular tea is a great one that tastes best for me hot.  If you choose to make it cold then you might want to make it a bit sweeter in order to fully enjoy it.  The flavor is definitely good either way but it is better enjoyed warm.  My fiancee would definitely agree with this as she really attempts to avoid most iced teas. 

I personally drink this one with honey but sugar is also pretty tasty.  I haven’t been a big fan of this one with creamer of any sort.  This of course would be a matter of taste completely. 

My fiancée has begun using this tea and a few others as a coffee infusion for the morning as well.  She only adds a small bit that she saves from the night before when we typically drink coffee.  She swears that it gives the coffee a little more “spirit”.  I’m not sure what that means, but she has been doing it for several weeks now and swears by it. 

This particular blend of the Snow Geisha had a somewhat unusual smell to it.  It sort of tasted like grass with flowers mixed in.  You could smell a hint of cherry but not enough to overpower the rest of it.  It smelled more like fake Jolly Rancher style cherries than actual real delicious ones.  My fiance compares it to really cheap cherry flavored candy that has been melted down. 

The flavor unfortunately is very flat and somewhat bitter.  You can’t really taste the cherry.  You get enough to know it is there but it sort of like pouring water into a glass that you already used for Kool-Aid.  You can taste enough to know it is there but really it ruins the water more than helps it.  You can also taste the typical vegetal flavor of a standard white tea.  This just doesn’t have anything to it that I really consider to be worthwhile. 

This could be consumed virtually anytime.  The flavor is somewhat weak so it isn’t going to get your taste buds going and it is low in caffeine as it is a white tea blend.  I would probably use it more as a morning tea still.