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Teavana Tolife White Tea Review

The ToLife tea is a blend of red, white, and green teas.  It is meant to have a great deal of antioxidants and other great health benefits to it.  The tea itself is a pretty standard tea that isn’t overpowering and very moderate.  I think it is a great tea for the average tea consumer. 

This is another white tea that I personally believe to be best served hot.  I have had it chilled and I really didn’t think it had enough flavor without doubling up.  It would definitely be worth experimenting with a little bit but I try to avoid making flavors that have a lot of citrus cold.  I think this is more of a personal preference, but I find that my fiancée and I are pretty similar in that regard.  It could however be experimented with different juices which is something that we frequently do to find that perfect flavor combination. 

I typically serve it with honey but my fiancee prefers to use raw sugar in it.  Either way it tastes about the same but I think the honey gives it a much fuller flavor than the sugar does.  My five year old son will also drink it, but he likes it much better with creamer in it and of course sugar.  He will drink it but not as much as many of the other flavors of tea that we drink. 

The tea itself has a great aroma.  Really hard to explain it but it always brings me back to when my mother used to brew sweet tea.  I can definitely smell the true essence of the different teas mixed together.  It has just a hint of citrus to the smell but it is very difficult to pick up this smell and really can only be obtained after you know it is there. 

The flavor is pretty moderate.  It is a good flavored tea for the average consumer.  It has a slight citrus flavor to it but it is important that you do not over brew this variety as it does become a bit bitter if you do so.  I don’t think this is going to be a flavor that will blow you away by any means but it is a great regular drinking tea that you aren’t as likely to get sick of quickly. 

This is a tea that I would probably consume mostly in the morning or midday.  While it is still low in caffeine it isn’t normally one that I would wind down with.  This of course is a personal preference.  I typically enjoy my Rooibois teas for the winding down process.  This is just my particular preference.  Many others would choose something much different.