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Teavanas Snow Peak Downy Tips Loose Leaf White Tea

Teavana provides more varieties of tea than any other company that I have found.  The quality is absolutely incredible and their customer service can’t be touched.  In most major markets you can even find actually stores that sell their product.  Inside of the stores you can normally sample numerous different types of tea and they rotate the samples on a regular basis so that there is always something new to discover.  With hundreds of varieties it is almost impossible to try all of them but we have definitely put a lot of effort into the attempt.

The teas themselves are sold 2 ounces at a time with discounts as you buy larger quantities even if you mix and match.  The packages come initially in small pouches but you can purchase their numerous containers that will allow the products to last MUCH longer.

These teas are made quite a bit differently than most and require different temperatures from tea to tea.  This isn’t your simple one kettle boil fits all type of tea.  This requires an electric kettle if you want to get the true flavor out of the tea.  If you don’t do it the way that the directions state then it can definitely have a huge impact on the flavor that you experience.  When you experience it in the store you get it exactly the way it was intended to be and how it should be in your own home if you mimic the directions exactly.

Another great thing about Teavana is that you can order the teas from their website at  The teas are shipped directly to your house in the pouches and come with all of the directions that you need in order to properly prepare each type of tea.  This is the normal way in which we purchase the tea.  By doing it this way we are able to look at numerous teas that we wouldn’t have noticed inside of the store and we can do our research without ever leaving the house.  It also helps us to keep track of the ones that we have tried and the ones that we like.

All of the tea that we drink, we drink with either flavored creamer or sugar and half/half or honey.  Both of us take our tea a little bit sweeter than some like it but this is our personal preferance and you should definitely play around a bit to see what works best for you.  If you have never had any cream or half and half inside of your tea before this would be an excellent time to attempt it.  Just realize that some teas (especially citrus) are going to make the creamer come out clumpy.  This of course can appear pretty disgusting and make it almost undrinkable because you just can’t get past the large clumps throughout.

We used to drink all of the tea with a standard kettle which does make them taste good but we have found that by using an electric kettle and brewing it the exact way the directions state to that it does indeed taste MUCH better.

We also drink our tea double to triple strength.  If it is a fruity tea we typically double the amount of tea that we use.  If it is any other type of tea we will typically triple the amount.  We really enjoy a strong flavor to our tea and while Teavana teas are already MUCH stronger in flavor than other teas this is the best way for us to enjoy it totally.  The thing to keep in mind is that some of the teas are meant to induce peace and sleep.  If you increase the amount that you are using they could knock you out completely.  I have found this out the hard way many times as we don’t worry about the type of tea we are drinking except when it comes to the actual preparation of it.

This is a good tea for someone that is looking to try a white tea for the first time.  It isn’t too vegetal in flavor and gives just a bit of peach flavor.  You can also smell a little bit of the peach blossoms in the fragrance. 

This is a great smelling tea.  It isn’t overpowering and has a nice fruity hint to this vegetal smell.  While you can definitely tell it is a white tea you can sense a bit of the fruity smell that makes this tea a little bit different. 

The flavor is a little bit difficult to explain.  It does have a definitely white tea taste which is more vegetal (plant-like) but you can taste something that is almost like peach.  It is almost like someone took a peach and dripped just a slight bit into your cup.  Just enough to notice but nothing overpowering. 

I would say this is a great anytime tea.  Most white teas can be consumed at any time because of their low caffeine content.  The main consumer is going to be concerned with their overall health.