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Twinings English Breakfast Tea Delicious Full Bodied Black Tea Refreshing Tea

How do you like your tea? I drink my black tea with one sugar or honey and a spoon of lemon juice or a slice of lemon. I love fruit tea and red tea too. I have never tried white tea and I don’t really like green tea despite all its benefits and advantages.

However I drink one or two cups of coffee every day my blood pressure is still low and by afternoon I get really sleepy. I don’t dare to drink a further cup of coffee in the afternoon because even without a coffee I can hardly fall asleep before one o’clock. Usually I drink a good cup of black tea which helps to survive until the kids get up. They are so cheerful that there is no way of falling asleep so they wake me up completely. When they go to sleep again I have a chance for my routine jogging or swimming which makes me fresh again and I can start studying for my next exam.

Twinings is an English company making high quality tea since 1706. The company manufactures an extremely wide range of tea types and nowadays even tinned chocolate drink and tinned coffees. I think it is a very reliable company that makes brilliant tea. I tried to choose other brand but I always end up with a Twinings as I really love their tea.

The English Breakfast tea comes in a black cardboard box. I bought a box that contains 50 teabags (125g). It was 2.38 pounds in our local Sainsbury’s. The teabags are not wrapped individually but honestly I didn’t care. I just drop a teabag into my cup and pour hot water on it. I don’t leave the teabag in it for too long time. Usually I stir the teabag with my spoon and when my tea is dark enough I get the teabag out of it. I add a spoon of brown sugar and some lemon juice to it. Lemon juice makes my tea golden and fresh fruity. I know some of you like it only with sugar or with some milk. When I was a kid my mother made all kinds of tea with lemon hence the habit… I can drink without lemon juice I am just used to it…

When I open the cardboard box I can feel the nice scent of the tea. This scent strengthens up when I pour the hot water on my teabag. As I am the only one drinking tea at home I use one teabag for a cup of tea. I have just finished my tea so its lovely scent still can be felt in the room. It has a well balanced, full bodied taste. I like that it has no spicy taste like Earl Grey. It is one of the best tea types I have ever tried.

I don’t say I will not try other types of tea as Twinings has so many fantastic tea types I haven’t tried yet but it belongs to my favourite ones and from time to time I will definitely buy it. For me autumn and winter is the real tea time. I love holding a hot cup of tea staying in the conservatory and watching our garden, the falling leafs, the rain or the snow. The tea keeps me warm and calms me. Not that I have too much time on staying there watching the garden but whenever I have a chance I do it so.

To sum up, English Breakfast tea is a well balanced black tea which is perfect for waking you up in the morning or in the afternoon. It is made by Twinings which is a guarantee for high quality. The tea is available in 25, 50 and 100 teabag packs. They are on offer quite often so it is worth shopping around if you are a frequent tea drinker. I really enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoons while my kids are sleeping and I have a couple of minutes to relax and really enjoy the lovely scent and taste of this brilliant tea.

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