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What is Hypertension Diseases?

Hypertension is currently common diseases that occur in society, especially big city. This diseases region is not only attacking elderly but also productive age. Hypertension has become a major factor in kidney disease, heart attack, and stroke can even cause death. Actually, What is the disease of hypertension? Before we discuss further about it, better to know about hypertension. Hypertension is a situation where someone is having an increase in blood pressure shown by systolic and diastolic numbers. This examination generally use a tool called Tensimeter or sphygmomanometer.

Blood pressure is the pressure in the arterial wall that happen when blood is pumped by the heart to the entire surface of body. Like previously mentioned, the blood pressure is usually made in two sizes of systolic and diastolic. The first number is called the systolic number that indicates the highest pressure in the arteries while the heart pumps blood or contraction, often also referred to as the pressure on. The number which is next called the diastolic pressure number that indicates the lowest arteries during a heart condition or relaxation break, people often call it under pressure.

Normal blood pressure, marked with numbers 90-120 systolic and diastolic 60-80. When the rate above 120 systolic and diastolic above 80 is called hypertension. And this is also happen when a number of systolic below 90 and diastolic below 60 is called hypotension. In daily activities, blood pressure at normal conditions. Generally, blood pressure will decrease while the condition of rest or sleep and it will increased while doing activities such as exercise.