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Which peanut butter has the lowest sugar?

Q: Do you know which peanut butter has the lowest sugar?

I received this question from one of our followers. She asked how much is the lowest of sugar in the peanut butter diet. I said I would write on the subject.

After much research, it seems that there are several different types of peanut butter, but there are a few sugar free peanut butters out on the market.

I found Joseph’s Sugar Free Peanut Butter which can be purchased on Amazon.

Competition: Which Peanut Butter Has the Lowest Sugar?

I reviewed several different types of peanut butter and even some commonly purchased.

I looked at the most common brand: Skippy. They have a natural brand that has only 3 grams of added sugar. Here is another brand called Fifty-50 Peanut Butter and it has only 1 gram of peanut butter. This product even has less saturated fat than the skippy brand.

In my honest opinion, I think the Josephs Sugar Free is a great option if you are looking for a sugar free peanut butter option. If you have tried it, please leave your feedback in the comments!